Welcome to the MCW Orthopaedic Surgery Residency Program!

Carol-VetterOur Orthopaedic Surgery Residency Program has a long and successful tradition of turning out academically minded, technically competent orthopaedic surgeons who, at the time of graduation, are capable of immediately stepping into the general practice of orthopaedic surgery. Our residency program provides both a team based as well as a one-on-one educational experience with all clinical rotations within a 10-mile radius. Our faculty are extremely approachable, which creates a collegial work environment for our residents. Milwaukee is an unexpectedly diverse, charming and affordable place to live. The urban and suburban geography of Milwaukee allows for a diverse clinical training experience and a personal cultural experience. Our residents are a tight knit group of young physicians who create life-long friendships while they are here.

We feel our residents can share with you best, the strengths of our program. Please read on to hear from them what sets our program apart.

Carole S. Vetter, MD
Program Director

From Our Residents

“It is a high volume residency program that has plenty of cases to go around”

Jesse Bauwens, Class 2017

“Residents are exposed to a patient population unique to Milwaukee that combines urban and suburban bringing plenty of basic trauma training as well as complex problems”

Lisa Sienkiewicz, Class 2017

“…we heard it is tough to get people to move here, but tougher to get them to move away”

Steven Blackwood, Class 2017

“While the faculty at MCW are very involved in teaching residents, they also allow a lot of autonomy, allowing residents the ability to develop and hone their skills early”

Brad Wallis, Class 2018

“Milwaukee has a ton of things to offer and is a great place to live”

Scott Kuzma, Class 2018

“I chose MCW because of the tight-knit resident group and the faculty’s strong emphasis on resident education”

Scott Smith, Class 2018

“MCW will provide a well-rounded orthopedic surgery education and prepare residents to either obtain a competitive fellowship or jump right into practice and succeed in the community”

Peter Eggert, Class 2019

“MCW provides a comprehensive orthopaedic training experience without needing to leave the city. All rotations are available within a 10-minute drive”

Darren Nabor, Class 2019

“MCW offers candidates an operative experience at a regionally dominant Level 1 Trauma Center”

Kenoma Anighoro, Class 2020

“MCW provides a solid platform for the fundamentals of research by providing plenty of research opportunities for those who want them”

Carla Bridges, Class 2020