Bioskills Laboratory

bioskills(1)The Arthroscopy and Bioskills Laboratory

The Arthroscopy and Bioskills Laboratory is 400 sq. feet space located adjacent to the Orthopaedic Library on the 5th floor of the Froedtert Specialty Clinics Building.


The lab contains two “wet” arthroscopy workstations with specimen holders and two video equipment towers (retired equipment from Froedtert Hospital). The arthroscopy equipment includes: 30 and 70 degree arthroscopes, shavers, graspers, biters, and ablative wands. Accessory materials include: cannulas, anchors, sutures, passing instruments, screws, drapes, specimen packaging materials and protective equipment (gowns, gloves, masks, and shoe covers). The lab has Sawbones specimens for “wet” and dry arthroscopy of the knee and shoulder. There is a chest freezer that holds a variety of human cadaveric specimens. The cadavers are provided by the MCW Anatomy Department. The lab has knot tying workstations and suture as well two durable workstations, accessory counter tops and cabinets and two sinks. The bio-skills section of the lab contains power drills, power saws, clamps, basic orthopaedic surgical instruments, AOASIF instruments and Sawbones.


The faculty in the Department of Orthopaedics support the residents in the laboratory.


The use of the laboratory is supported by the general operating funds of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery.