Elective Sites

Columbia St. Mary’s/Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin/Blount Orthopaedic Associates


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friendly-facility-2-4OHOW copyThe Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin (OHOW) was established in 2001 as a partnership between a group of physician owners and Columbia St. Mary’s, a health system with more than 100 years of service. OHOW is a full treatment facility offering a complete range of orthopaedic inpatient and outpatient procedures, diagnostic and rehabilitation services, sports medicine, trauma care and dedicated worker’s compensation care programs. Residents are mentored by Dr. Rory Wright and Dr. Dean Ziegler and spend time at OHOW and, Blount Orthopaedic Associates, a busy private practice group. Residents have opportunities to provide non-operative, peri-operative, and surgical orthopaedic care. Surgeons within the Blount Orthopaedic Associates group have expertise in arthroplasty, shoulder and upper extremity, and, spine, foot and ankle, and sports medicine, and most of the surgeons are fellowship trained.

Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare/Midwest Orthopedic Specialty Hospital/Orthopaedic Institute of Wisconsin



MOSH photoThe Midwest Orthopedic Specialty Hospital (MOSH) was established in 2009 in partnership with Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare system. MOSH is a 16-bed specialty hospital within the Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare facility in Franklin Wisconsin. It operates as a separately licensed hospital and is owned by 22 physicians and Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare. The Midwest Orthopedic Specialty Hospital provides residents experience in a hospital that is dedicated to orthopaedic care. Residents have opportunities to provide non-operative, peri-operative, and surgical care in the hospital and outpatient private practice setting at Orthopedic Institute of Wisconsin. The resident choose a faculty mentor and have a broad orthopaedic experience, with opportunities to work with surgeons in different specialties. Most of the surgeons are fellowship trained, and have expertise in arthroplasty, shoulder and upper extremity, sports medicine, foot and ankle, hip arthroscopy.

St. Lukes Hospital/Aurora Advanced Healthcare


downloadSt. Lukes Hospital is a large multispecialty hospital in southeast Milwaukee. Residents are mentored by Dr. Joel Wallskog and spend time at St. Lukes Hospital and Aurora Advanced Healthcare outpatient facilities. Residents experience general community based orthopaedics with educational opportunities including all aspects of primary and secondary orthopaedic care. Dr. Wallskog is fellowship trained in joint reconstruction. The rotation includes an exposure to orthopaedic rehabilitation as a component of the non-operative and operative care of the orthopaedic patient.