Musculoskeletal Functional Assessment Center: Pediatric Orthopaedic Research Lab

The Musculoskeletal Functional Assessment Center supports basic science and clinically related studies involving orthopaedic conditions, focusing primarily on pediatric spinal deformities. The center is involved in research to better understand the etiology and effects of pediatric spinal deformities, to analyze and monitor spinal deformities progress using 3D surface topography and the EOS system, to design and evaluate new spinal implants in animals and in patients, and is collaborating with researchers in genetics to study children with scoliosis. The center provides research opportunities for medical students, biomedical engineering students, residents, and physicians. The center advances clinical transitional research that directly benefits children with orthopaedic deformities.


peds-scolThe Musculoskeletal Functional Assessment Center: Pediatric Orthopaedic Research Lab is located in the Pediatric Orthopaedic Clinic at the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. There is a 200 sq. ft area adjacent to the orthopaedic clinic and imaging rooms. Equipment: Recently the Milwaukee Spinal Scanner System has replaced the Quantec system for measuring spinal curvature. The Milwaukee Spinal Scanner System includes a hand held laser scanner, custom spinal curvature measurement software, a standing patient stabilizing apparatus, and a limb stabilization apparatus. The EOS 3D X-ray Orthopedic Imaging System that allows low radiation 3D spinal X-rays while the patient is standing.


The laboratory is supported and run by Dr. Xue-Cheng Liu (Lab Director) & Carlos Marquez-Barrientos MS (Research Associate).


The laboratory is supported by Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.