DR. Walter P. Blount

BlountBorn into a family of physicians, Dr. Walter Blount continued in the tradition, attending the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine followed by Post Graduate work in London and numerous clinics across Europe. After joining the orthopedic practice of Dr. Frederick Gaenslen in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Dr. Blount became Chief of the Milwaukee Children’s Hospital. Upon Dr. Gaenslen’s retirement, he became Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at Marquette University School of Medicine and subsequently formed the Blount Orthopedic Clinic in Milwaukee with Dr. Robert Cassidy. He was active in numerous professional organizations from local to international and was frequently called upon to speak. Fluent in several languages, Dr. Blount also served as a translator for articles to be published in English. He served as president of the Orthopaedic Clinical Society in 1946, and the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, 1955-1956, and as vice president of SICOT, 1963-1966.

Dr. Walter P. Blount, July 3, 1900 to May 16, 1992, was a pioneer in the development of the Milwaukee Brace for treatment of scoliosis and the Blount Staple used in treatment of unequal leg length as an alternative to osteotomy. He did extensive work on Erlacher-Blount syndrome, also known as Tibia Vara, and was one of the first surgeons to recognize fractures in children as a possible symptom of abuse.

The-milwaukee-BraceIn his Presidential Address to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons in January 1956, Dr. Blount, one of the true giants in orthopaedics, presented an a classic and enduring description of the biomechanics of the hip, for the first time bringing to light many of the concepts developed by Pauwels and others in the German literature in the 1930s (“Don’t Throw Away the Cane”). The argument begins with an admonition to educate the doctors, patients, employers, and the general public to turn back to the old order and to look upon the stick as a good friend. Blount said that “we must counteract the prejudices against the cane that developed in the middle of the twentieth century”. Finally, Blount admonished us: “I should rather be remembered as a thoughtful surgeon than as a bold one”. It is in this context that he encouraged the use of a cane for the treatment of selected lower-extremity disorders, believing that it may prove better for the patient and productive of a more desirable end result than some more heroic surgical procedure.


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