DR. Michael C. Collopy



Dr Michael Collopy was a Clinical Professor in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the Medical College of Wisconsin from 1972 to 2013. He served as Chief of Orthopaedic Surgery and Director of the resident rotation at Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center for 41 years. During those years Dr. Collopy inspired, promoted, and sustained the intellectual development of over 200 orthopaedic surgery residents. “The Colonel” was known for his dedication, humor, love of anatomy, and love of educating residents.

Brief history of VA Orthopedics and the 66 consecutive service years of Doctors
Paul and Michael Collopy

Written By Michael C. Collopy, April, 2012

Paul and Mike CollopyIn 1943 all VA came under the sponsorship of a university (Marquette University School of Medicine) our name was the Wood, WI. VA… Albert Schmidt was the first chief until 1946 when Peter Carnesale, Paul Collopy and John O’D McCabe returned home from service in WWII….An Independent Orthopaedic training program was started with Carnesalle as chief and Collopy and McCabe as surgical staff. Ray Waisman was the first resident and the program amalgamated with the programs at Columbia and the County Hospital in 1957 with Dr. Blount as Chairman overseeing all the residency programs…

In 1966 Dr. Michael Collopy returned from Viet Nam and began training after two years of army orthopedics and graduated in 1970 to start private practice…

In 1972 the new chairman at Medical College of Wisconsin (formerly Marquette University School of Medicine) Bruce J. Brewer appointed Michael Collopy as chief of the VA Orthopedic training program, who then recruited William McDevitt as one of his staff and both are still present after 40 years and have no immediate plans for retirement.

There have been three legacies during Michael Collopy’s tenure..  The son of Mark Bauer as a senior med student….the son of the current chairman, Jeff Schwab – Joseph Schwab, and the son of Dave Eggert – Charles Eggert.

As of this recent senior student matching for residency two more legacies have joined:  The daughter of Paul Sienkiewicz and the son of Dale Bauwens.

The Collopy name is now 66 years in the running and is believed to be the longest in the nation of VA.  Currently we have three VA physicians, Paul Rasmussen, Don Hackbarth and Pat Birmingham.  We also have six contract surgeons, Roger Daley, Ken Schauffelberger, Steve Kurtin, Dan Ladwig, Dan Guehlstorf and Brian Law.  Most of all of them came through the current training program.