Jeffrey P. Schwab MD
Excellence in Academic Teaching Award

Jeffrey P. Schwab MD, Chairman and Paul A. Jacobs MD Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at the Medical College of Wisconsin. He has been the cornerstone of orthopaedic surgery education in the department since 1978. Dr. Schwab has dedicated his life to teaching and the idea of life-long learning. Each of his graduating residents understands: “the truly educated never graduate”

This award recognizes one academic faculty member chosen by the graduating residency class who exemplifies excellence in teaching.

2017 Cameron M. Best MD

2016 David M. King MD

2015 Gregory J. Schmeling MD

2014 Donald A. Hackbarth MD

2013 Carole S. Vetter MD

2012 Patrick M. Birmingham MD

2011 Scott E. VanValin MD

2010 Jason W. Robert MD

2009 Thomas J. Flatley MD

2008 Raj D. Rao MD

2007 Donald A. Hackbarth MD, David M. King MD

2006 David M. King MD

2005 J. Channing Tassone MD

2004 Gregory J. Schmleling MD

2003 Thomas J. Flatley MD

2002 Jeffrey P. Schwab MD

2001 Carole C. Street MD

2000 John G. Thometz MD

1999 Gregory J. Schmeling MD

1998 James T. Ninomiya MD

1997 Roger M. Lyon MD

1996 John G. Thometz MD

1995 Jeffrey E. Johnson MD

1994 Gregory J. Schmeling MD

1993 Donald A. Hackbarth MD

1992 Douglas P. Hane, MD

1991 Michael C. Collopy MD, William P. McDevitt MD

1990 Howard S. An MD

1989 Jeffrey P. Schwab MD

1988 John G. Thometz MD

1987 Donald A. Hackbarth MD

Michael C. Collopy MD
Excellence in Clinical Teaching Award

Michael C. Collopy MD, Clinical Professor in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the Medical College of Wisconsin from 1972 to 2013. He served as Chief of Orthopaedic Surgery and Director of the resident rotation at Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center for 41 years.

During those years Dr. Collopy inspired, promoted, and sustained the intellectual development of over 200 orthopaedic surgery residents.“The Colonel” was known for his dedication, humor, love of anatomy, and love of educating residents.

This award recognizes one clinical faculty member chosen by the graduating residency class who exemplifies the attributes that made Dr. Collopy a cherished and memorable educator.

2017 Donald A. Hackbarth MD

2016 Stephen M. Kurtin MD

2015 William P. McDevitt MD

2014 Daniel A. Ladwig MD

2013 Michael C. Collopy MD

2012 Stephen M. Kurtin MD

2011 Christopher J. Evanich MD

2010 Christopher J. Evanich MD

2009 Kenneth L. Schaufelberger MD

2008 William T. Pennington MD

2007 Christopher J. Evanich MD, Daniel A. Ladwig MD

2006 Daniel W. Guehlstorf MD

2005 Rick F. Papandrea MD

2004 Daniel W. Guehlstorf MD

2003 Daniel A. Ladwig MD

2002 Rick F. Papandrea MD

2001 Dean W. Ziegler MD

2000 Christopher J. Evanich MD

1999 Jeffrey J. Butler MD