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Rachel Muscott

2022 | PGY-II

Rachel Muscott
Place of Birth
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Medical School
Medical College of Wisconsin
University of Michigan

Why I chose MCW

While rotating at MCW, the first thing that drew me to the program was the friendly and supportive atmosphere.  Residents have a great time together and attendings are approachable and very invested in teaching.  In addition, I saw that residents get early surgical experience and become very comfortable with orthopaedic injuries early due to a broad trauma experience.

What MCW has to offer to a Candidate

MCW offers and outstanding surgical experience for residents.  Every specialty is represented here in Milwaukee including Oncology and Pediatrics.  We work at Froedtert Hospital and Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, both of which are Level I Trauma Centers.  This provides a great volume of patients and a variety of pathologies.  Residents graduate confident in their surgical skills and feel comfortable enough to enter private practice straight out of residency, but are also able to match into competitive fellowships if that is the path they choose.

What I like about living in Milwaukee

Milwaukee is an awesome place to live.  It’s big enough that there is always plenty to do (festivals, concerts, sporting events, beach, bars) but not so big that it becomes overwhelming or difficult to get around.  The cost of living is very reasonable for a big city.  When we do have free time, it’s easy and affordable to find fun things to do.