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Peter Eggert

2019 | PGY-V

Peter Eggert
Place of Birth
Appleton, Wisconsin
Medical School
Creighton University
St. Olaf College

Why I chose MCW

I rotated at MCW and the first thing that stood out was the camaraderie among the residents. I also
appreciated the early hands-on experience the residents received in the OR and the comfort level the
senior residents had in their surgical skills.

What MCW has to offer to a Candidate

MCW will provide a well-rounded orthopedic surgery education and prepare residents to either obtain a competitive fellowship or jump right into practice and succeed in the community.

What I like about living in Milwaukee

Milwaukee is a great Midwestern city with very pleasant people and an abundance of activities, whether it is restaurants, athletic events or exercising outdoors. There is great diversity from the downtown to the suburbs, all within a 15 minute drive.