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Kenneth Berg

2019 | PGY-V

Kenneth Berg
Place of Birth
Barrington, Illinois
Medical School
Medical College of Wisconsin
University of Illinois

Why I chose MCW

I went to medical school at MCW and rotated in the orthopaedic department as a 3rd and 4th year medical student was able to get a good feel for the program. There is an overall team mentality among the residents and faculty and I felt like I would fit in very well with everyone. I also saw how hands on the residents were in the operating room and could see that by the time you are a 5th year resident, you are well trained to enter fellowship or practice. After doing my away rotations and interviewing with other programs, I felt the most confident in MCW as a program that would train me well to become an orthopaedic surgeon.

What MCW has to offer to a Candidate

MCW is a well-rounded program that offers extensive experience in all the orthopedic surgery specialties especially trauma, pediatrics, and oncology. We have everything in the city of Milwaukee with our rotations at the VA, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, and Froedtert Hospital, our Level I Trauma Center. We do not have to travel to get experience in pediatrics or oncology, which I think, is a huge luxury. We also get elective time in our 4th and 5th years to gain experience in community/private orthopaedics. Additionally, there are international opportunities to go practice orthopaedics in Nicaragua as a senior resident. We truly have it all in regards to breadth of experience. We also have a comprehensive summer anatomy course, protected OITE review/conference time throughout the week. I think we have a solid balance of clinical responsibilities and conference/didactics. Overall, our program continually produces well-rounded and respected orthopaedic surgeons and I feel fortunate to be a resident at this program.

What I like about living in Milwaukee

Milwaukee is a hidden gem in the Midwest. I live downtown so I have all the benefits of living in the city but also have an easy 15 minute commute to work every day. Summers in Milwaukee are full of things to do and the city is really alive. Milwaukee is big enough to have all the benefits of living in a city but also small enough to avoid the hassles of heavy traffic, expensive parking, etc. Milwaukee is also a very affordable city to live in and you won’t break the bank spending money on a place to live and with our resident salary it is very reasonable. We are also only an hour and a half drive away from Chicago if you’d like a weekend getaway in another fun city.