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Juliet Amene

2020 | PGY-II

Juliet Amene
Place of Birth
Detroit, MI
Medical School
Michigan State University
University of Michigan

Why I chose MCW

During my interview with residents and faculty at MCW, I noticed that the faculty was approachable and friendly. I knew that it would be easy to find helpful mentors during my time here at MCW. Also, I noticed that the residents were friendly and worked well as a team which is very important when choosing a program to spend the next five years of my life.

What MCW has to offer to a Candidate

One of the things that makes this program stand out is the level of training, exposure, and experience residents obtain during their time here. I was surprised to learn that many residents would actually feel comfortable going from residency into practice without actually needing to complete a fellowship.

What I like about living in Milwaukee

Milwaukee has a little something for everyone. With many summer concerts and festivals, there is always something to do. The cost of living in Milwaukee is very reasonable. I look forward to spending more time here in Milwaukee.