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Darren Nabor

2019 | PGY-V

Darren Nabor
Place of Birth
Ogden, Utah
Medical School
Medical College of Wisconsin
Utah State University

Why I chose MCW

Having gone to medical school at MCW I was very familiar with the program. I decided to stay for residency because of the staff, culture of the program, and quality of residents that were in the program.

What MCW has to offer to a Candidate

MCW provides a comprehensive orthopaedic training experience without needing to leave the city. All rotations are available within a 10-minute drive. I also think MCW provides a fantastic oncology and trauma experience.

What I like about living in Milwaukee

Having lived in Milwaukee for 6 years, I have grown to love this city. The city provides excellent restaurants, plenty of outdoor activities, great biking trails, and the lakefront is always a great place to enjoy free time no matter what time of the year.