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Brett Lullo

2021 | PGY-II

Brett Lullo
Place of Birth
Naperville, IL
Medical School
Loyola University
Princeton University

Why I chose MCW

I did not go to MCW for medical school and I did not rotate here as a student, but I was absolutely blown away by MCW on my interview. I was immediately impressed by the facilities. Growing up and going to medical school in Chicago, I had no idea such a vast medical campus existed just an hour and half north of home. Between Froedtert Hospital, the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, and the medical school, MCW’s facilities blew me away and have continued to do so since starting residency.

I have strong interest in pediatric orthopedics and MCW is one of the only hospitals I interviewed at with five active pediatric orthopedic surgeons. We spend have rotations through the pediatric service 4 out of five years of residency and are exposed to an enormous breadth of pediatric pathology.

On my interview day, I could tell that the faculty interviewers were interested in teaching and helping me reach my goals. This has been reinforced time and again since starting residency. Faculty give their time to educate us each day and allow us the early hands on opportunities to become a confident orthopedic surgeon.

What MCW has to offer to a Candidate

Since beginning residency, I am constantly impressed at the operative skills of my senior residents. We are truly given hands on, independent opportunities to hone our operative skills each day and the results easy to see. I truly did not see residents at any other program on my away rotations with more independence and hands on opportunities in the operating room than at MCW.

Beyond the vast clinical opportunities MCW offers, it has an equally impressive set of research opportunities for people who are interested. Featuring orthopedic labs in biomechanics, materials science, molecular biology, motion analysis, and more, there are opportunities for residents to pursue any research they please. There is much funding available for both pediatric and adult orthopedic issues, in addition to MDs, PhDs and medical students all eager to work with residents.

What I like about living in Milwaukee

Growing up in Chicago, I had been to Milwaukee a handful of times, but I had never been able to truly experience this great city since starting residency. I am surprised daily at everything that the Milwaukee area has to offer.

Milwaukee has some of the best food offerings of any city I have lived in; clearly there are fantastic Wisconsin food offerings: beer, cheese curds, brats. But the offerings go way beyond that, including some of the best Thai food I’ve ever had.

Thankfully Milwaukee also features great outdoor activities to burn off all the wonderful food. Some of my favorites include river and lake-side running and bike paths, hiking trails, and public beaches. You’d have to go out of your way to miss out on having fun outdoors when the weather is nice in Wisconsin.