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Benjamin Knight

2022 | PGY-II

Benjamin Knight
Place of Birth
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Medical School
Medical College of Wisconsin
University of Wisconsin - Madison

Why I chose MCW

I was looking for a strong surgical experience with a close group of residents.  I also love the city of Milwaukee and the population that is treated at the hospitals MCW Ortho covers.

What MCW has to offer to a Candidate

MCW Orthopaedics offers a comprehensive surgical experience in an environment where resident education is a priority and not just an afterthought.  It also has unique experiences such as two 10 week community rotations and an option for an international rotation.

What I like about living in Milwaukee

I love the true four seasons, activities on the lake, the restaurant/bar/music scene, and all the other constant activities it has to offer.  More than anything though, I love the people here.  We are surrounded by good, hard-working people who are always thankful for the work we do.